Eggmageddon is a game about deducing which dapper little egg among the masses is yours to control, while trying to avoid being poached in an onslaught of randomized missile strikes. Details like your egg's accessories and movement patterns can help distinguish them from the others, but beware: your fellow eggs don't like to be pushed around, and the crowd is a very difficult obstacle to cross. It's like a scavenger hunt, but with several more unbearable egg puns and significantly more stressful. 

Eggmageddon was made in 48 hours by Trisagion Games, for GMTK Jam 2020!


WASD to move.

That's about it! Good luck trying to find out which egg you are :)


  • Ben Cuan - Code, Sound, Music
  • Kevin Chu - Graphic Design, Art
  • Omar Hossain - Code
  • Eric Qian - Code
  • Akhilan Ganesh - Code
  • Kapilan Ganesh - Code, Playtesting


Compiled.zip 27 MB


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I really liked it! I managed to find myself and kill every egg around me, but it always says that there are 2 eggs remaning. I can't find the last one!

Loved it anyway! Pretty smooth!